2014 Classic
Trip Journal

Festival, Beach & Ice Cream

No Breakfast Club today but everyone learns the SNS songs.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


11 July 2014

Dear SnS families, another  fabulous  day.

Breakfast club at 6:30 and breakfast at 8, love the European breakfasts, gonna gain weight here

Session at 10 am and lunch at 12:30

Repeat players taught group our SnS songs and it will become a staple over the next 2 weeks.

Session from 2-4 and dinner at 6.
After dinner, we took bus into  town for festival.  Flensburg is known for a Steam Ship festival and ships came into the harbor for celebration.
Flensburg is about 100,000 people and 50,000 were at the festival.  Gave the kids first test of group responsibility and they did  great.  Ferris wheels, ice cream, crepes, etc, and then upon our return, fireworks display.  Great evening and just what we needed, some down time as we are sore.

Going to beach in the am as I canceled breakfast club and then our  first games for all 3 teams in the afternoon.

Still passing out  a few sit ups, but  overall, a fantastic group.  Kids still up talking and knowing each other as excitement  of evening not  worn out  yet.

Interesting to see that  after our afternoon ended at 4 pm, kids stuck around on their  own and worked on weaknesses until almost 5 pm. Work ethic  is there and so glad to see.

Cannot wait to play on Sat so wish us  luck and I will update you  all.

On a funny note, we did have a funny ice cream incident, ask Hope if you  have a minute but Coach Ed can be a devil at times., ha, ha.



Kids get their phones for an hour.


Kids at beach in Germany.


Kids on hike to and from beach.

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