2014 Classic
Trip Journal

Great Day today.

But lots of sit ups for not following the rules.



2014 Classic Trip Journal


10 July 2014

Great day today, had 4 sessions and had awesome weather, probably about 80 and sunny and a nice cool breeze.

6:30 breakfast club followed by breakfast then 9:30 session, lunch, 2:45 session, dinner, and the kids had their  phones for about  an hour before our  last session at 9 pm.

Off to bed as they are exhausted but still very excited.  Some motivational chats and it must have worked as most of them are going off and working  on things on their own with any free time they have. Amazing how much they enjoy the  soccer ball when their  is no TV, phone, computer, electronic games, etc, just like the good old days, lol.

Great group so far and excited for the next day.

Food is awesome as today was pasta day and from an Italian perspective, it was very good.  No snacks so kids are eating large portions for all 3 meals.

No problems sleeping and assume that  will continue too.


Friday is more of the  same with our last 4 sessions a day training before we play our  first games on Saturday. 

Also, visit our FB page for Stars 'n Stripes as we are posting  pics there daily.


Only negative today was loads of sit ups for being late, leaving items behind on the bus, including a fanny pack with money and a passport, wow, I  will let you wonder  if that  was your  kid or not but it did cost 5000 sit ups and a little pain and suffering but some lessons are tougher  than  others. 

No issues with kids missing names either which  is awesome.


More tomorrow,


As u can see quite a busy day on tour


And the sit ups have begun


6:30 am breakfast club training

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