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2014 Classic Trip Journal


09 July 2014

Hey gang, breakfast club this am at 6:30 and a nice job and workout in the rain and its cool too, probably about 50 degrees.  Kids did well as we ran around the fortress, stopped and did legs, ran some more, did pushups, ran more, and then did abs.  Getting Buff for the Beach as I like to  say. 


After breakfast we packed up the bus and  headed north on the Auto Bahn for Flensburg, lots of rain and traffic but we managed to make it in time to see sunshine and have an awesome dinner. 


After we checked in to our rooms, 6 kids to a room again with different roommates, we had an evening session on the cinder field with light juggling and some other stuff.

Well we knew it couldn't last and the sit ups have started.  So any guesses who the first one was? Was it your lovely son or innocent daughter???

Well, enough with the suspense as Robert Hillyard, a veteran on tour, was late for breakfast and promptly did 300 and then they started flowing as boys missed their number in count offs, etc.  Fun stuff. 


On the way to Flensburg, we had a lunch break and most of the kids had Weinersnitzel and pomme frites which is really good as I had it too.

We did have team sit ups though for trash on the bus so ask your kids about  those, only 10 but they are tough.

Just finished watching Argentina beat Holland in pks and now off to bed as we have training  at 6:30 am.

Kids will get their phones tomorrow night to call home and check in but we have 4 sessions tomorrow so call may be quick, lol.

More tomorrow.



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