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2014 Classic Trip Journal


08 July 2014

TEXT UPDATE FROM ED @ 3am Dallas, Texas time:


SNS Quick Update:
All arrived safe and sound. No lost luggage and no Sit Ups so far.
I will send a proper update later tonight.
All say HI.




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6pm CST


Dear SnS families,

Great first day in Germany.  Arrived all safe but an absolutely awful flight, worst one in my 27 years.  Around Chicago we hat to cross the jet stream and it made for a bumpy 20-30 minutes, yes, long time.  And to top that  off, we had several SCREAMING kids, not crying mind you, with some apathetic parents.  A few short glances from Coach Ed helped calm one of the kids, but seriously??? Nonetheless, not much sleep so we are all pretty much exhausted.

After short 1 hour bus ride we arrived at the Fortress in Koblenz, in  a youth hostel  which was our home for day.  Great fortress built in 1870 and overseeing the Rhine River, pretty cool stuff.  Quick check in, change our clothes, and a run and workout  for about 30 minutes.  Its cool here, about 65 and rainy and raining and very wet.

Kids are 6 to a room with beds and linens, etc, and had a great first meal, spaghetti and meat sauce and salad and soup and bread and pudding, and German potato salad and each and every player cleaned their plate.  We have only been here for a few hours but  already the staff has commented that we are their  best group ever and they love our discipline.  Go figure.


The outdoor public viewing was canceled so we just watched  the game in the hostel all together and what a beating Germany put on the Brazilians, never saw that coming.

Still no situps, which is incredible but I am sure tomorrow will  bring a few hundred.  It was Hoppy's bday so we all sang and gave him some ice cream. 

6:30 am breakfast club and then after breakfast, a bus transfer to Flensburg.


Speak to you tomorrow,
Ciao  Ed


Here are a couple of pics from Ed:




Selfie of us in Rudesheim visiting Germania on Rhine river


Kids overlooking Rhine river


Kids overlooking Rhine river


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