2013 Classic
Trip Journal

Win or Go Home...

So proud of the SNS teams today.



2013 Classic Trip Journal


25 July 2013


July 25th - win or go home.

Boys B start off decision Thursday for us as they play a Norwegian team at 8:40 am, we go behind 1-0 before Drew headed home the  equalizer and we have the better of the play but just cannot score.  finish 1-1 so the dreaded PKs, but we are ready as kids have been practicing  these daily.
We go first and Carlos makes his
Andrew Easterling saves
Adam Witte makes his
Andrew saves
Hamza makes his
they miss and we win 3-0, great fun.

Boys A next up as they play a great game vs  a team from Poland, some big boys and talented.  We are over matched but we hang in there and cause their  gk to make 2 amazing saves.  Just as I am getting ready to think about PKs, they score with 3 minutes left and we lose 1-0, boys A are out, but not before playing some great soccer.  It was a great game


Girls next up and dominate a Norwegian team, go up 2-0 with goals from Katelyn and Hope, but give up a late goal and then Lindsay makes some great saves to secure the victory,  Should not have been that  close but we advance to 1/4 finals.

Boys B play again in the afternoon and hammer a Danish team 2-0 with goals from Jonathan and Matt Hopkins.  Boys are riding a train right now and its going downhill and gaining steam.  They are fun to watch.

Girls finish the day with a 7:30 pm game and play against the number 1 seed in the cup, host club too.  We go down 2-0 within 3 minutes before Amber gets one back to make it 2-1.  They score again and another before Megan Paul scores our 2nd to finish the score at 4-2.  Best team we have played in Europe and they were good.  So proud of our  SnS girls and they had a great cup, winning their  group and advancing  to the 1/4 finals.  Loss was tough on them but the  support the boys gave them was inspiring and showed how close our  group has become.

Showers and late night talking as we all prepare for the boys B to play at 7:30 am on Friday, wish us luck.


Boys B game 1 - Andrew Easterling
Boys A - Jonathan Otto
Girls game 1 - Hope Milletello
Boys B game 2 - Hamza Alkadri
Girls game 2 - Megan Paul


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