2013 Classic
Trip Journal

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SNS undefeated today! Way to got girls and boys!



2013 Classic Trip Journal


23 July 2013


July 23 - undefeated day for Stars 'n Stripes

Good day for us as all 3 teams played and no losses.

Girls start us off with 7:30 am game and won 3-1 vs. Swedish team with goals from Mini Meg Pitcock -2, and Payton Hasik.

Boys A play on next field at 8:30 am vs. Norwegian team and tied 1-1.  Eddie opened the scoring but we gave up an equalizer shortly after. Boys played well though.

Boys B next as they played on the showcase field vs. Norwegian team and laid an egg.  Nerves everywhere as tons of people watched the game, we tied 0-0 and were lucky to tie.

Girls play again vs. a Norwegian team and won 2-1 but score was closer than the game as we dominated.  They looked good today.

Boys A end the day with a 3-1 win vs. a Swedish team as Eddie, Matt Pitcock, and Daniel Antoniou scored.  Boys really looked good.

Food is not at the level we have had but still decent regardless.  I think we are a bit spoiled from Germany and Sweden but we are fine.  I am eating it and tonights dinner was excellent.  Weather hot again, not a cloud in sight, 85 degrees and very little wind, Texas weather, love it.

A few team sit ups tonight but 10 pm curfew and kids are tired and another long day tomorrow.

Wish us luck


Nightly Meeting in the Hall.



Watch the Team Sit Ups Video Here:

Girls game 1 - Megan Pitcock
Boys A game 1 - Eric Mancias
Boys B game - Patrick Hillyard
Girls game 2 - Addie Jacobs
Boys A game 2 - Matt Deery


Players of the Day (POD)

Girls Game 1

Girls Game 2

Boys A Game 1

Boys A Game 2

Boys B



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