2013 Classic
Trip Journal

Boys Take Center Stage.

All 3 teams advance to the Championship bracket!!



2013 Classic Trip Journal


17 July 2017


July 17th - boys take center stage today.

After a slow start the boys showed up today in a big way.
Boys B played a team from Indonesia and Donnovan scored late to tie the game 1-1 and we took 2nd place, therefore giving us a chance in the Championship Bracket.
Boys A next up and after going scoreless in Gothia Cup, put 7 by a Swiss team and with the goal differential they also finished 2nd and advance in the Championship Bracket.
Girls had poor game and looked very tired as they played a scoreless game vs. a team from Sweden, but the tie secured them 2nd place.
So all 3 SnS teams advance in the Championship Bracket which is a great feat.

Girls and Boys A are off until Thursday but Boys B play this afternoon as all games are now a win and move on or lose and go home.

We drew a team from Norway and quickly fell behind 2-0 until we woke up in the 2nd half as Drew Collari scored 2 goals, his first a candidate for goal of the tour, as we tied 2-2.  For those former SnS players who have been through this before, PKs, again and once again we lose 5-4 and just like we are out.  We out played the Norwegians, but some questionable calls really hurt us. One was a  mystery PK and we had a goal called back as well, oh well, it happens but proud of the boys B team.

The girls and boys A provided some great support and now back to the hotel for some down time.  We are tired as we are walking everywhere and its hot, probably 85 today and lots of sun, no complaints as its awesome but still wears on you.

Nice dinner and meeting and 10 pm curfew.

Early day tomorrow and boys teams can play as many as 3 games each as it become grueling going forward.

Wish us luck please


Girls - Jenny Slack
Boys A - Daniel Antoniou
Boys B - game 1 - Ben Watson
Boys B - game 2 - Drew Collari


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