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Megan Pitcock of SNS gets to OPEN the Games!!



2013 Classic Trip Journal


15 July 2013



July 15th - first day of Gothia Cup


All 3 teams play today and to give  you an idea on how close they have become, all 3 teams are committed to watching and supporting each other. Pretty cool.


Boys A start us off and lay an egg, losing 4-0 to Swedish team.  Better days ahead and they just did not play well today.


Boys B put Germany game behind them and won 3-0 vs. a Swedish team with goals from Cory, Hamza, and Donnovan. Bboys played very well.


Girls finished the day with a crazy 4-3 win as they should have closed out their Swedish opponents early but did not.  Goals from Allie Gipson, Amber 2, and Payton sealed the deal.


All 3 teams sang and chanted and they were getting ready for the finale of the day, The Gothia Cup Opening Ceremony.  What a  night, crowd of about 50,000 and a gerogeous night, I have attached  a few pics and videos but we had several parents take loads of pics and will post them soon.


A truly gifted night for us and what a priveledge to march in the opening representing our country.  We had our USA flags, hats, and of course our jerseys.  Such a wonderful experience.


And to top it off, our own Megan Pitcock read the oath and declared the Gothia Cup 2013 open, tremendous moment for her!!!!


As I say annually, the World Cup is an event each soccer fan needs to attend but the Gothia Cup is an event that each soccer player needs to participate in.  Such a global event and so organized, its awesome.  Just look for the videos and pics.


Kids in bed by 11 and geared up for day 2 tomorrow.


Wish us luck









Watch Megan Pitcok Open the 2013 Gothia Cup Video Here


A Second Video of Megan Pitcok Opening the 2013 Gothia Cup


Watch SNS March Out at the 2013 Gothia Cup Video Here




Boys A - Salomon Montecuzma

Boys B - Cory Wright

Girls - Allie Gipson

Players of the Day (POD)


Boys A


Boys B



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