2013 Classic
Trip Journal

Quick Swim In The Ocean...

And three warm-up games for Gothia Cup.



2013 Classic Trip Journal


13 July 2013

Saturday - July 13 - game time

No breakfast club this am, gave the kids an extra hour to sleep so breakfast at 7:45.

After breakfast, we took a boat ride, about 50 minutes, into Denmark, to go to a beach and go figure, only morning we have not had sun, but it did finally come out late morning.  Pretty cool trip and found out some history about Flensburg.  It turns out that Adolph Hitler committed suicide on May 1st, 1945 and for 26 days Flensburg was Nazi Capital.  Its a harbor town and borders with Denmark.  The beach was cool and the Baltic Sea was very cold.  After some coaxing from Coach Ed, actually no options, all kids went in for a quick swim,  too funny but legs needed it.

Back for lunch at 1 and then games begin.

Girls start with 8-0 demolishing of a German team.  We looked pretty good. Amber had 3 goals, Megan P had 2, Emma 1, Megan Pitcock 1 and Katelyn 2.

Boys B next and nerves were running everywhere.  Some bad mistakes early and we were down 2-0 at half.  2nd half they relaxed and ended up losing 3-1 but outplayed the Germans and ended up very well.  Donnovan had the lone goal.

Boys A had last game and played against a mens team. Early goal from Yoda but no luck getting a 2nd and we let the Germans in the game and then they took the lead 2-1 before Eddie scored to tie it late on a free kick.  2-2 but for fun we went to Pks and we won't speak about them as we were awful.  Good to get them out of system now.

All in all, great first games and kids really applied some of the sessions from the week. 

A bbq to end the  night and kids are packing, calling home, etc, as we have a 5 am wake up call.

Off to Sweden tomorrow and Germany was a great stay.  Thank you Flensburg.


Player of the day - tradition at SnS where a player receives the player of the day jersey to wear, similar to tour de france jersey

Girls - Katie Wilson
Boys B - Adam Witte
Boys A - Yoda Deery


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