2012 Classic
Trip Journal

Last Day in Europe and We Head Home...

Lots to talk about and some stinky laundry too...sorry parents.



2012 Classic Trip Journal


30 July 2012

July 30th - last journal entry for 2012 trip.

As usual, the transfer back from Europe is long and exhausting. Although, spending a nice evening and night in a nice hotel helps a ton.
We have a great breakfast at the hotel and the boys are excited about the trip home, well some of them, as some speak of staying an extra week and going to Oslo for the Norway Cup. I am sure it has all to do with soccer and nothing to do with the Norwegian girls, hmmmmmmm!!!

All in all a great trip, so proud of the boys and the lessons learned.

Seldom do today's youth have no access to their cell phones, video games, computers, TVs, etc.  The lack of these toys forced the boys to create activities with each other which in turn created some great team bonding.  We spoke about this at length and they all agreed with the value of team bonding.  They all got along with each other, even with the occasional frustrating remark here and there, we all respected each other.

Sweden was the top choice of sites visited but we really enjoyed Dana Cup and we will return there as well.

Weather went from the low 40s and rain in Germany to low 90s and sun in Denmark.

Moms, I apologize for the smell of the bags/laundry we brought home, but we did a good job of budgeting our laundry and the use of fabreeze of course.

We sang and danced on this tour, when soccer was not available, but we played soccer/football every single day.  We came to play and to learn and we did just that.

Some boys played on all 3 age groups and most played on 2 age groups, different positions, different lineups, different tactics, etc, so our soccer knowledge is at an all time high.

We witness some incredible sights, some great events, met some great people, and walked out butts off.

No elevators on tour, no soft drinks, no American fast food, no chips, some ice cream and some chocolate bars, but the boys learned the value of good nutrition and hydration.

With all of the games, walking, training, etc, no cramps, which says a lot about their fitness and nutrition.

Food was pretty good with only 2-3 lunches a bit disappointing. 
We spent way too much on Chocolate milk and toast sandwiches as we were often hungry in the evening, mostly due to the fact that we did so much physically each and every day.

Several of the boys commented that the tour changed their lives, which is what Stars 'n Stripes is all about.  Some boys commented on how much more patriotic they have become, much more grateful of the things we have at home, and much more appreciative of our families supporting us at home.

As I watch the Olympics on TV, I cannot help but wonder how much similarities there are in the sacrifice and the dedication that these boys have shown. Great things can be accomplished if someone is willing to work and sacrifice.

To all of the players and staff on 2012 Stars n Stripes tour, thank you for a job well done.

Its my 25th anniversary of SnS and they displayed the discipline, integrity, and work ethic that all teams before have shown.

All I can say is wait for the video, which will tell even more stories.

I hope all of you have enjoyed our tour as much as I have and I will look back on 2012 SnS tour as one of the best ever.

Yours in Soccer,

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