2012 Classic
Trip Journal

Last Game for SNS....

We are out of the tournament but we had a great time at the beach.



2012 Classic Trip Journal


27 July 2012


July 27th - day started off poor as the boys C played at 8:50 vs. a team from Scotland. We dominate and go up twice with goals from Brandon V and Sebastian D, but we cannot hold the lead and tie 2-2.  Once again Penalty Kicks. I will not go into detail but we missed our first 3 shots, missed the entire goal and lost the game.  So we are all out.

Time for the beach as we head up north to Hirtshal and have a blast.  Germany occupied Denmark in 1944 and built a lot of pill boxes on the coast and many of these are still in existence.  We have a blast as we unwind a little from the games.


Boys are tired and we give them the disco tonight, will be expecting  lots of stories again in the am.<

No worries, as we have some great kids.

boys C - Barron Becker


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