2012 Classic
Trip Journal

6 Great Games Today...

All teams advance in the winners bracket!!



2012 Classic Trip Journal


26 July 2012


July 26th -  Big day at Dana Cup as all 3 teams advanced into the winners bracket.  From now on, its win or go home.

Boys B first as they play at 9:50 and its cold and wet fields but we play awesome and win 5-1.  Goals from Brett, Brandt, Collin, Sebastian, and Lars seal the game as we play our best game in Dana. 


I have to rush to the C game as they play at noon and we play against some Giant Germans, huge boys and extremely physical.  We go up early with a goal from Brandon V and out play them with skill and quickness.  They tie it up late on a controversial no call, off sides, but oh well, thats how  it goes. Game ends in a 1-1 tie.  Dana Cup has a unique way of doing PKs.  So not to hold up fields, they have a separate penalty area set up and all teams head over there to settle ties.  We go 2nd and Jared stops their first pk, Sebastian makes his, they made their 2nd, Yoda makes the 2nd, Jared saves the 3rd, Landon makes our 3rd, they make their 4th, and Brandon V made our 4th, game over, we move on.  Great fun and excitement.

Now I rush to the Boys A game and we play a team from Poland, also very physical.  Ref is a factor as his calls are in question as well as his no calls, we complain and a quick red is shown to Alex.  We go down 1-0 and fight  back but with no luck and we lose 1-0 so boys A are out, but a great run in Dana.

Ok, now back to the B game as they play again at 4:50, we dominate our  opponent but go down 1-0 before Collin ties it up.  We have  chance after chance but cannot score.  End of game, tied 1-1, so off we go to PK land.  We go 2nd again, they make their first, Jason makes our  1st, they make their 2nd, Kolton misses our 2nd, they miss their  3rd, Christian makes our  3rd, they miss their 4th, Brett misses our  4th, they miss their 5th, Barron steps up to win the game, and the  poor kid misses our  5th.  We now go into sudden death, they make their 6th and Michael D misses our 6th so the Bs are out of the Dana Cup.  They played well at the end so proud of them.

Rush to the C game and we are up 2-0 as Brandon V and Yoda scored early. Brandon adds a 2nd one and we win 3-0 so the Cs advance to the 1/8 round Friday am at 8:50.

Now we rush  to dinner, great dinner tonight and after dinner we go and support a girls team from Rhode Island.  We cheer like crazy for them, it was great fun and good to see the boys  chant and cheer so loud. Most American kids don't chant let alone sing and to see them do it together is really cool.

Boys C are in bed and we let the As and Bs go to the Disco, yes the Disco. No worries, its a big tent with loud music and they are all together. 

We are beat up physically and mentally so a good stretching of the legs and walking around the complex is good for the  boys.

Its been a great cup so far and Dana Cup has  gone out  of their way to make our  stay enjoyable. 

2 more days in Dana before we depart for Copenhagen.  Boys  are wearing  clean clothes today, most of us are thankful for that.

Big game for C's in the am, and all will be there to support.
Wish us luck

boys C - game 1 - Jared
boys C - game 2 - Landon and Brandon V
boys B - game 1 - Collin
boys B - game 2 - Jason
boys A - game - Zach


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