2012 Classic
Trip Journal

6 Great Games Today...

All teams advance in the winners bracket!!



2012 Classic Trip Journal


25 July 2012


Great day for Stars 'n Stripes as we have 6 games on tap and its hot, about 90 degrees, just like we like it.  And the boys are on fire, well some of them.

Boys C have a 7:30am game and win 1-0 as Yoda scored a great goal.  they are learning rapidly.

Boys A play next and go down 2-0 before a hat trick from Eddie and we win 3-2 and are starting to find their form.

Boys B are awful in their  first game, look very tired, and lose 1-0, very lethargic and need a nap.

Afternoon games are intense.  Boys C need only a tie to win their group and accomplish that as they dominate but cannot score.

Boys B finally play with some intensity and play very well as they win 2-1 with goals from Brett and Collin.  With the win they take 2nd in their  group and advance in the winners bracket.

Boys A have the game of the day as they play Stord from Norway, a great team that traveled with a ton of supporters from Norway.  Game was 7:30 pm and lived up to the billing as it was intense. We go done 1-0 and Alex tied it up before half.  2nd half see us control the game and Eddie scored a bomb from 35 out and we hang on to win 2-1 and win the  group.

So boys A and C win group and B take 2nd, not too bad.  Boys are pumped and some of you might not believe this but I gave them a chance to go to disco to celebrate and unwind but they decided it was best to rest for tomorrows important games, go figure.  Plus it was late by the  time we came home. 


Fantastic day today and dinner was great too.  Speaking of food, some boys love it and some are so so, but the meals are fine.  No worries at all so parents don't fret.  We are being well taken care of.  Only 6 American teams here and our 3 are doing great.


Dana Cup loves us being here and we have lots of support, mostly from Norwegian girls, as they want to support Stars 'n Stripes.  Unfortunately some of our  boys have  no game and are often just  left smiling as they walk by some of these supporters. Its a great youth  event with lots of fields, all great grass fields, 43 countries and about 700 teams.  Weather is fantastic.  Curfew is 11 tonight as showers are on the agenda.  Big day tomorrow so wish us luck.
Go SnS!!!

boys C - won 1-0, POD - Ben Watson
boys C - tied 0-0, POD - Jonathan Otto
boys B - lost 1-0, POD - Kolton Williams
boys B - won 2-1, POD - Collin Gagliardi
boys A - won 3-2, POD - Eddie Puskarich
boys A - won 2-1, POD - AJ Bauckman



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