2012 Classic
Trip Journal

Dana Cup Openining Ceremonies

We are asked to march in the parade...what a gorgeous day!



2012 Classic Trip Journal


23 July 2012

July 23rd - sorry gang, went to sleep after we returned from opening ceremonies, I know some of you are on pins and needles for the updates so I owe you  one.

Day started off with breakfast, training, lunch, training, free time and then we were chosen to march in the opening ceremony which was a parade through town.  It was long and the  kids sang the entire time, at least 4 miles, finished with a grand entrance into the stadium.  We had a blast and we were loved by all.  They love Stars 'n Stripes here, been a long  time since I have been back, I think 12-15 years, but Cup is still the same.  All grass fields, small town of about 25,000 people maybe, and they love the cup here so everyone is so friendly and anxious to help us out.

The boys have another movie night again and some just hang out. Amazing what team bonding can occur when no video games, TV, computers, cell phones, etc, are not around.  We have a great group of kids and batteries are charged for some football starting  Tuesday.

Wish us luck
p.s. weather is gorgeous here, about 75 and sunny, breezy, awesome to play and coach in.

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