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Longest Day on Tour....

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2012 Classic Trip Journal


15 July 2012


July 15th - long day today, longest on tour.

Departed Germany at 10 pm via motor-coach and arrived Sweden at 10:30 am, after 2 ferry crossings, a few movies, and lots of Autobahn miles, but it was still fun

Kids are really excited as we drove through Gothenburg, a fabulous city and one of the prettiest harbors in all of Europe.

Hotel rooms not ready yet, guess we were too early, so we take all on a walking tour of Central  Station, Norstran Mall, Gothenburg Opera House and Waterfront, visit the Viking Ship, take numerous pics, walk to Heden Center which is heartbeat of Gothia  Cup, and back to hotel to check in to room.  Our  hotel is like an executive apartment with full kitchens, etc. Boys shop for groceries and make their own lunches, wish them luck!!!

Training at 3:30 on Heden, break a sweat, and get some nerves sorted out.

Dinner at 6:30, great first meal, fish, potatoes, salad, breads, pasta, lunch meat, berries, crackers, awesome meal.
Team registration at 7:30 pm, meeting  at 9, curfew  at 10

Hate this day, but  we survived it.

Quick recap  of German games;
Boys C - won 9-2 - goals by Jonathan-3, Hamza-1, Ben W-2, Sebastian D-3
Boys B - won 7-0 - goals by Michael D-1, Jason-1, Brett-1, Yoda-1, Brandt-1, Jonathan-1, Sebastian W-1
Boys A - won 2-1 - goals by Eddie-1, Zach-1

SnS has a player of the Day/Game award, or POD - similar to tour de France leader wearing the yellow jersey, players earn the POD and end of tour the best player keeps the jersey.
Boys C - POD - Sebastian Diaz
Boys B - POD - Matthew "Yoda" Deery
Boys A - POD - Eddie Puskarich

For the Gothia Cup, teams broken down as follows;

Boys C - Ben F, Ben W, Tye, Shane, Luke, Landon, Sebastian D, Jonathan Otto, Hamza, Patrick, Brandon V, Adam, Brandon J

Boys  B - Brendin G, Jared, David, Barron, Sebastian W, Darrin, Collin, Yoda, Michael, Lars, Kolton, Jason, Brett, Jacob, Brandt, Dominic, Grant, Sebastian D, Caleb, Christian

Boys A - Zach, Robert, Paul, Jacob, Brandt, Dominic, Alex, Grant, Chandler, Christian, Eddie, Harrison, Brett, Jason, Yoda, Michael, Kolton, Lars, Sebastian W, Cameron, Caleb

Notice that several boys are on multiple rosters as their age allows them as well as our needs.

Games start on Monday, wish  us luck


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