2012 Classic
Trip Journal

Another Rainy and Cold Day!

Some down time and Chill time.



2012 Classic Trip Journal


13 July 2012

Another rainy and cold day, but not one complaint for the boys, not a single one. Including meals, times of wake ups, training sessions, etc.

We have the occasional misplaced sweat jacket, ball, or fleece, but after a few sit ups, those are fixed pretty quickly.

6 am breakfast club
8 am breakfast

At breakfast we decided that rather than train in the driving rain, that some free time in the basement would be good.  The basement includes darts, ping pong, pool, fuss-ball, sauna, fitness center, etc. and each and every boy joined in an activity or two.  We even found a Chill room which included a disco ball, water fall of lights, Zen music, clouds being streamed on the wall, etc. 


Guess where I ended up and I was not alone,  great morning for all and much deserved.

Lunch at 12:30, followed by our team nap, which once again was warmly received.  Might be on to something parents!

3:30-5:30 session which was intense and best of the tour so far.
6:30 dinner
8-9 session
9:30-10 cell phone use allowed
10:15 curfew

Another great day and so proud of the boys improvement, drive, willingness to learn, etc.

So far all is good, except for those who tried to bribe AJ into getting them chocolate snacks at the store.  Not going to happen.
Our meals have been phenomenal and boys are eating very well and all thats on their plates. Amazing the results we get when no options are given.

Getting ready for our first games in Europe on Sat so wish us luck

Cial for now



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