2012 Classic
Trip Journal

Breakfast Club Training

Ahhh...nothing like getting up early for training before breakfast.



2012 Classic Trip Journal


12 July 2012

Early day today as we had a 6 am Breakfast club training

6-7 am - training
8 am breakfast
9:30-11 session 2
12:30 - lunch
1:30-3 - tour nap - kids loved this one
4-5:30 session 3
6:30 - dinner
8-9 - session 4

Yes, 4 sessions, long day but quality as well.  Boys are working their socks off and it is extremely cold here, yes I said cold, probably 45-50 degrees and rain almost all day, go figure as we had 105 in Dallas before we left.  I don't think we packed enough cold clothes, guess we have to work extra hard to stay warm.

Food is awesome, boys are eating all, no surprises from us staff, but I think some of the boys are surprised that we expect all food to be cleaned off their plate.

This town called Heggen, actually is a village, not big enough for a town, less than 1000 people but so friendly and so happy to have us here.

We walk about 3/4 of a mile to training, uphill too, so our legs are getting a great workout.  It's curfew here, 10:30 pm, so nice and quiet as we await 4 more sessions on Friday.  6 am start again and yes more rain in forecast, so Friday should be fun.

We are trying to get wifi tomorrow so all can call home but all are well, no worries. The Army is taking great care of them, ha, ha.

They are learning phrases like Ed pace, no gaps, yes sir/no sir, excuse me, picking up after themselves, etc.  All great fun as well as we have some great kids.
Chat more tomorrow,


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