2012 Classic
Trip Journal

Long hard flight but a safe one..

Boys are tired but excited.



2012 Classic Trip Journal


11 July 2012

Dear SnS families, a very long day is winding down, but also a very good day.

Boys are tired but also very excited. 

Landed at Frankfort without issues at 7 am, no lost luggage, no lost passports, but we did have a few sit ups.

This years winner for the first person to do situps is;
Alex Hoyl - left his boarding pass at security so it was not long before we handed out our first 1000.

Many more followed after that as we had a few boys late from lunch and then of course after we arrived we had our lovely team situps, 10 total, due to trash we left behind in the terminal.

Went sightseeing through the Rhine Valley, took a cable car above the vineyards, took some fabulous pics, lunch in a quaint town, and then a 3 hour bus ride to our accommodations which turned out to be a nice nap.


Upon arrival we trained at 3 pm, dinner at 6:30 and the boys are just finishing up their night training, still light out here and its almost 10pm.

Dinner was great and boys ate all that was on their plate, which was awesome food tonight.

We have 4 sessions tomorrow starting at 6 am so off to bed soon,  We are in 4-6 bed rooms in this hostel and our hosts absolutely love us being here.  Its a great place to start our tour.

Ok, off to bed, speak more tomorrow

P.S. Extremely poor cell service here and the wifi was down most of the afternoon, and its a small network.  I will try and get the boys to call or text tomorrow after one of our sessions.
Ciao, Ed

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