2011 Classic
Trip Journal

A Very Wet and Tough Day at the Gothia Cup.

Two games played and two tough loses.



2011 Classic Trip Journal


22 July 2011


Gothia cup playoffs.

I know this is a late entry but I was on suicide watch after a disappointing day on Friday. The girls and boys 18s played in the rain on Friday am with the girls on grass and the boys on turf. 


The girls started an hour late and lost 2-1 but played very well.  They really ended their tour nicely after a brief brain fart on Wednesday.  I think they are still drying out as it poured on us the entire morning. 


The boys 18s had another war against a local Gothenburg team and played against 12 men as it was the worst referee in my entire Stars 'n Stripes career.  Those of you who know me, know my expectations from players and refs but this clown was killing my boys.  A phantom PK in the 2nd minute gave them a 1-0 lead and we quickly fell behind 2-0 on a defensive mistake but we pulled one back as Eddie converted a PK and once again we are down at halftime, which has been common most of the week.  James tied it up midway through 2nd half and a great crowd stood in the rain cheering both teams on.  We had the better play but once again were unable to convert and we go to PKs.  I will not get into the ref calls as even with his poor decisions we still had opportunities to win the game in regulation. So on to penalties, once again.

Sweden up first - goal
Eddie - goal
Sweden - goal
Brenden - goal
Sweden - goal
Nick - goal
Sweden - goal
James - goal
Sweden - goal
Hunter - goal
after 5 rounds, 5-5 so sudden death
Sweden - goal
Tino - no goal

We lose to a team we were better than and silence goes across the field.  Boys are crushed once again but to advance to the final 16 of the World greatest youth cup in the winners bracket is a great feat and I am glad that they are not satisfied.  Good lesson to learn. 

Kids are free this afternoon and wear whatever they want for 1st time on tour and they are excited.  Shopping, relaxing, watching games, etc, are on the agenda and then after dinner more relaxing time at hotel. 


We are packing now to prepare for departure and some are quite sad.  Can I come back next year?  Where are we going next year? Can we stay an extra week?  Questions that I am getting daily which is a good sign of a good tour.  A few small issues here and there but a great group of kids. I will do a nice recap in the next few days as well.


Girls - Louise
18s - Brenden



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