2011 Classic
Trip Journal

Advancement Day at the Gothia Cup!

Lots of games and tired players.



2011 Classic Trip Journal


21 July 2011


Advancement day in Gothia.

I  know you all are waiting for results so sorry this is late, just got home from a long day. So here  we go.

Girls - played at 8 pm, won 2-0 and were animals.  I think they had a point to prove from yesterday and that they did.  They continue to play tomorrow as well. Marissa with 2 goals, go Girl!!!

18s - "A" train has left the station and all are on board as we win both games against 2 english teams and both were wars. Won first game 2-1 as opponents had 3 red cards and won a great game just a few hours ago 2-1 as we had to comeback from an early lead.  Goals today from James, Brenden, Chris Haberer, and Dalton.  "A" train now advances in winners bracket and play on Friday as well.

16s - Had a walkover earlier but then played poor tonight and lost 3-0 so they are out. Disappointing as we were better than we played. I think these kids are tired from all of the walking, games, excitement, etc.

15s - Were fans today as they cheered at all games.

14s - Played 3 games today, yes 3 and they have the  smallest roster of 12 and wow are they beat up.  Won 2-1, won 2-1, and lost 2-1 tonight with a last minute goal but these boys did great. We are so proud of them as they have come the farthest on  the  tour.  Not sure of the goals as I missed 2 of the 3 games and  will try and recap later.

2 teams advance to play on Friday, which is a great feat.  Girls and the 18s so off to bed for early breakfast and games.  Kids are complaining that the tour is winding down, some want to stay one more week but a few miss their parents, so that is cool too.

Wish us major luck tomorrow,



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Girls - Marissa
14s - Steven Gallagher
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14s - Ben Seyfried
15s - Kolton Williams
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