2011 Classic
Trip Journal

Gothia Cup 2nd Day Games

5 games today and all went very well.



2011 Classic Trip Journal


19 July 2011


Gothia Cup 2nd day games.

Another  glorious  day at Gothia Cup as the kids are on a high still from the opening ceremonies. 


Boys 18 start us off with a cracker of a game. We go down 1-0 in the 3rd minute to a talented Swedish team and end the half 1-0.  2nd half started like a firecracker and we scored a goal from Tino in the 1st minute followed by another goal from Eddie and Brenden finished the scoring as we won 3-1.  Great win and sets up for a showdown with a German side on Wed to see who wins the  group. 


Boys 15 are next, same field, but cannot find their legs early.  Down 1-0 at halftime to another Swedish team, we finally get it going late in the 2nd half but cannot find the net even though we have  relentless pressure and we suffer a tough defeat 1-0.  We let 3 points get away on this one for sure and boys know it. 


No time to think about  it  though as we have the Boys 14s to get us going again as they thump a team 6-0 as Jonathan gets 4 goals, Max and Skylar finish the beating.  Boys played great as they knocked it around and for me they are the surprise of the cup as they are  too young to know that  are underdogs.  Too much fun!!! 

Boys 16s transfer to another field as we split our group to send half to the 16s and half stay to watch the girls.  Boys 16 play another solid Swedish team and keep it close until the end as they lose 3-0.  The 16s are a tough age bracket as you might  imagine. 


The girls finish off our day as they win again, 1-0, as Abby once again plays great along with her teammates as they also continue to impress me. 


It was a long day and we have  a few bumps and bruises so  8:30 curfew  tonight, 10 pm lights out. It is cool again today but  lots of sunshine as sun  comes up around 3:30 am and does not go down until close to 11 pm, we love this Swedish summer.

Also, some questions as to which teams the kids are on.  We have  multiple players on several teams, but basically it is broken down as follows:

18s - 93s and 94s
16s - 95s
15s - 96s
14s - 97s and 98s

Some of the boys  play up and even a few of them play down as we are allowed to have 2 overage players per team,  confused? Welcome to my world.

Big day every year as Wednesday determines our  final  placement as well as starts the playoffs, so get some rest and wish us luck


Girls - Abby
18s - Christian Torres
16s - Zach Hays
15s - Harrison Caruthers
14s - Jonathan Otto


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