2011 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Day for Coach Ed....

Charles takes some kids on an extended nature walk...not by their choice either...



2011 Classic Trip Journal


15 July 2011


One of the lightest days on tour for the kids but a very long one for me.  Breakfast at 9 am today and followed by our morning training, light rain and cool but good training. 


After lunch, gave kids option of going to training or walking to a cavern and see some caves, etc.  20 went for walk while others trained.  Turns out the ones that trained were smart as the cave lookers got lost with Coach Charles and ended up doing a nature walk for over 3 hours.  too funny, but saw some great sights, etc. 


Evening dinner again and another light evening.  As for me, long day started at 6 am as I have to go to Frankfurt to replace a passport that was lost, 2nd time in 24 years. Don't worry, if I did not call you then it was not your child.  It all worked out, but a very long morning as we got home after 2 pm. 


A quick nap and then Eddie and Brenden leave with me for Borussia Monchengladbach for another professional training. Once again they did great and represented Stars 'n Stripes and our young American soccer style very well. 


We are getting ready for our German/American fest on Saturday as we play all day then eat and bbq with the town.  All are geared up for this event and we cannot wait.


Sun came out this afternoon and warmed things up and forecast calls for warm sunny weather tomorrow.  We are packing and getting ready for our transfer tomorrow night once again.

Wish us luck tomorrow,


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