2011 Classic
Trip Journal

Cold Day for us over here!

Kids games are posted all over town.



2011 Classic Trip Journal


14 July 2011


Not sure how this happened but we woke and it was December. It is darn cold here, and I am not kidding.  50 degrees and if we had hats and gloves we would wear them.  It has been a 50 degrees drop in temp and this has caused a few sniffles but  all under control.


Mandatory naps and 9:30 curfew is helping  out.  Morning training session again and kids are still on a high from the Womens game last night.  It was really great and tons of people apparently saw us on TV and we have received tons of well wishes. 


After lunch, afternoon training again and we are fine tuning for Saturdays games against the Germans.  We have made the newspaper and they have posted photos all over town advertising our games on Sat.  Should be fun.


Still handing out sit ups for various things and some kids are learning things the hard way, but they are learning.  All kids are doing great as we have a great group.


Another evening free, at least 2 hours, and some are juggling, others playing cards, some playing soccer, and some have a sing a long with coach Diego on the piano.  all on video so you will have a chance to watch sometime this fall.


Not sure if I told you but we are at a youth hostel and there is a group of school children, ages 8-10, and they love us. asking some for autographs, hanging out  with our kids, playing  games, etc,  a really cool time.

chat more to you tomorrow,

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