2011 Classic
Trip Journal

Very Relaxing Day for SNS Teams

Getting ready for the USA Women's World Cup semi-final game.



2011 Classic Trip Journal


12 July 2011

Nothing too exciting today as we have an average day on tour, our first.  Kids are loving the breakfast and after our meal we train from 9:45-12 pm.  Nice light training with focus on technical skills. 


After lunch, optional nap time but some of the kids choose to take a ball outside to work more on their skills, we like that.  We also wash the uniforms today so we can have a clean start to our next game. 


We also decided to pursue the USA Womens World Cup Semi Final game which will be played on Wednesday at Borussia Park and the kids are pumped.  We got tickets pretty cheap as well, only 38 Euros, (about $55), but worth it for this once in a lifetime opportunity, so we have a bus ready to pick us up on Wed. 


After our nap time, an afternoon session that had a little light rain but nothing major.  We are still nursing a few injuries but getting healthier.  This week between cups has been a major advantage as we prepare for Gothia Cup.


I had another chance to take some the boys to some professional training so Eddie, Nick Lopez, Matt Pitcock, and Hunter Harrison joined me as we drove to Bochum, which is a 2nd division team.


Somehow we got our lines crossed and after we arrived, after driving 1 hour and 45 minutes, we were told that training was not tonight.  The boys were disappointed nonetheless but we toured the facility and had some fun on the autobahn watching cars driving in excess of 120 mph.


Another great dinner and kids had their free time of the tour as we gave them the  evening off to chill.  Some played cards, ping pong, juggled, or simply just sat a chatted.  10:30 pm curfew to end a nice simple and calm day. 


All well here as we are getting ready for the big semi final tomorrow. Go USA!!!




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