2011 Classic
Trip Journal

Some good old do nothing type of day it was...

Some long overdue downtime for all of us.



2011 Classic Trip Journal


11 July 2011

Hi gang, nice to get a good nights sleep after our transfer and the kids were needing some down time.  After breakfast, which was more like our regular breakfast, we had a light training for 2 hours.  This town is awesome, small and quaint and the people love us here.  We walk to the fields, about 10 minute walk, and the weather is cooler as well.  Mike is here so he is busy getting our kids healthy again as we have a few bumps and bruises.  


After lunch, we have a mandatory team nap, I love these naps, as we really want the kids to chill out. After nap, an afternoon session and we are preparing for the opening ceremonies at Gothia Cup so we work on our walk out, kind of like a marching band. Too funny.  I took Eddie and Brenden to Borussia Mochengladbach, a Bundesliga club, for training tonight and both did great.  Nice to get some perks from all of these years of traveling.


Kids are all working for these type of opportunities.  After another great dinner, we had a treat. There is a festival going on here, don't ask me the name, and the Prince invited our kids to walk in the parade.  They had a blast and sang our SnS song and met other German kids, hung out at the carnival, etc.  We even gave them until 10 pm before we walked them back.  They really had a nice time and left a great impression with our hosts. 


We really have some great kids on tour.  Ok, off to bed, more of the same tomorrow so no POD today but with more training tomorrow, we should have some then.





p.s. I need to tell you how great San Marino was.  The hotel, the staff, our guide, the bus drivers, etc, all were incredible as they really made an effort to make our trip enjoyable.  Although it was hot, it was a great trip and we will return.  Most don't know that San Marino is its own country that follows Italian guidelines, similar to Washington, D.C., but with nice people, ha,ha.  We left the hotel and the owner said our kids were the best group he has ever had, amazing what a few thousand sit ups can do!!!

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