2011 Classic
Trip Journal

Awesome Day for SNS Teams!

Lots of wins today and a very close Final Game.



2011 Classic Trip Journal


08 July 2011


What a day for Stars 'n Stripes.  Hot once again and fyi, we have no AC in our hotel, its not too bad but a bit bothersome but fun.  Early day again for Boys A and girls as both leave at 8 am for games.


Boys A have to win and hope goal difference is good enough to advance to the finals against the Spanish team that we beat in that memorable game.  We play great, once again on a hot  turf field and Eddie put us up 1-0 with a nice goal vs. a team from Lebanon.  2nd half start was more of the  same and Eddie once again scored on a PK and then Nick put  the game away with a 3rd goal late.  We hope its enough to advance to the finals, now we have  to wait and see. 


Girls play next on same field and by now the turf is almost melting our shoes.  Pace is slow as can be expected but we play quite  well.  A nice goal from the Swedes gave them a 1-0 halftime lead and then a quick strike put them up 2-0 but the girls found their 2nd wind and scored a great goal as Kelly scored a very good goal.  We pound  the goal late but  can not find the equalizer and lose 2-1 but Charles and I are pleased as the girls played very well.  They needed it too. 


Back to hotel to see the boys red and boys blue depart  for their playoff games, with red in consolation bracket and  blue in winners bracket. 


Boys A find out that they advance to finals at 8 pm tonight so they are off to nap.


Both red and blue win as the blue score a late goal vs. an Italian team as Kevin tallied with 30 seconds left.  The red team also won 3-1 as Max, Michael, and Brad got on the score sheet. 


Boys are pumped for their final on Saturday as both red and blue play in final games.  We have to eat dinner early tonight, no pasta, darn!!! as we have had some great food here, but we have sandwiches due to the boys A final game at stadium field at 8 pm.  Vs. guess who?? you  got  it, the Spaniards. 


The entire group is excited as weather is awesome and conditions are perfect.  I  wish I could tell you  that  I taped the game but it did not happen and yes another memorable game.  Not as fast paced as last game but same high level and a crowd pleaser as well. 0-0 at the half and 2nd half was just as intense.  They score a great goal and go up with 15 left and we push forward, kids are chanting our SnS songs in the stands and we put some pressure on their back four. As time in regulation is running out, we get a free kick about 20 yards out.  Eddie steps up and curls it  around the goal and bedlam breaks out.  We have 3 minutes of extra time and off to penalty kicks.


Another great game but  we have  to find a winner.  They are first and make theirs, Eddie makes our 1st, they make their 2nd and Nick misses our 2nd, they make their 3rd and Brenden makes our 3rd, Hunter saves their 4th and Matt P misses our 4th, they make their 5th and we lose in PKs.  Boys are shattered  but proud as one week ago we did not even know each others  names and to finish 2nd is a great accomplishment.  The other kids on tour  are so supportive as well.


Tour is close and bonding has set in.  Now all are packing as we check out Sat, play our finals, maybe  see the castle, closing ceremonies and then off to Germany. 


Wish us all luck





Girls - Louise

Boys A - Eddie

Boys blue - Michael

Boys red - Kevin

Boys A final - Eddie


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