2011 Classic
Trip Journal

Great Day for the SNS Teams!

But bigger day tomorrow...wish us luck!



2011 Classic Trip Journal


07 July 2011


Early day for boys 96s, red and blue as they have 9:30 games.


Boys A and girls get to sleep until breakfast at 9 and they are excited.

Another hot and clear day, great weather, but games on turf fields make it even hotter.


Boys red on stadium field and win 2-0 vs. a team from Lebanon, with goals from Jordan Cano and Kevin Walls.  Boys really looked good and knocked the  ball around well.  They are also feeling great about  their  performance. 


Boys blue tied 2-2 vs. an Italian team with goals from Max and Ivan, with Ivan's goal a gem. Dissappointed as they felt they should have won the game.


Both blue and red are waiting for results to determine advancement. 


Boys A play on stadium field right after the reds and put on a nice passing clinic as they won 5-2 vs. an Italian  team with  goals from Brenden, Chris, James, Matt P, and another great goal from Brenden. 


All return to hotel and we go shopping at the  market to buy things to make our lunch, like sandwhich meat, bread, fruit, juices, etc. Kids are eating very well.  A's hit the beach for some rest and recovery while girls, red and blue teams depart for games.


Girls play best  game on tour as they tied 2-2 vs.a Swedish team, great game with Abby scoring 2 goals and the Swedes scored a last minute goal to earn  a tie. 


Boys red and blue play in playoff games and red wins 3-0 vs.an American team, go figure, with goals from Roman Cano (2 goals), and  Michael  Freeland, boys are pumped as they advance to the semi finals, great feat for them. 


Boys blue  play their playoff game vs. an Italian team and lose 2-1.  They were up 1-0 on a goal from Daniel but  gave up 2 heart breakers and lost 2-1.  They still play on Thursday in the semis on the  consolation round. 


Back to the  hotel for dinner but after dinner, no wind down time as we have  a few issues  to  sort out. Trash on bus, bags left unattended, etc, lead to team sit ups.  Not a great site and ask the  kids about  team sit ups.  And then straight to bed for 9 pm curfew.  We need to attend to the  little things and get more discipline on tour so sometimes a harsh  message carries more weight.  We will monitor closely and keep you  updated.  Big day on Thursday so wish us luck.






Girls - Marissa Hughes

Boys 92 - Dalton Mcfarling

Boys Red game 1 - Jordan Cano

Boys Red game 2 - Stewie Stewart

Boys Blue game 1 - Max Lopez

Boys Blue  game 2 - Roman Cano


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Boys 92


Boys Red - Game 1

Boys Red - Game 2


Boys Blue - Game 1

Boys Blue - Game 2


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