2011 Classic
Trip Journal

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2011 Classic Trip Journal


06 July 2011


What a great day and you will understand more as you read on. First of all, many of you are asking about  the team rosters.  Kind of confusing so let me explain.


In Italy the boys are playing in 3 age groups, 92s and two 96s as they dont have odd age groups.


In Sweden, they are playing in 4 age groups, 93s, 95s, 96s, 97s.


Both cups allow some older players and certain  players to play on 2 age groups.  The girls are easy as one team in 1 age group.  Nice and simple so here is what we have for now.


In Italy – boys born 1-1-92

1.    Eddie Puskarich               9-9-93           

2.    Tino Badjan            12-15-94

3.    Harrison Kelly –              10-13-94         

4.    James Mairson –               9-16-93          

5.    Dalton Mcfarling              8-6-91

6.    Matt Pitcock                  2-7-92

7.    Baeden Jones –                3-18-94

8.    Justin Sands –                2-14-94

9.    Chris Haberer                 8-4-94

10.   Christian Torres              11-2-93          

11.   Nicolas Lopez                 1-8-93     

12.   Brenden Lee             12-31-93

13.   Brad Dweck              10-18-95         

14.   Jonathan Ridgely              11-14-95   

15.   Robert Hunter Harrison – gk   11-6-95

16.   Seth Fountain                 12-19-95

17.   Kolton Wayne Williams         4-25-95

18.   Jeffrey Parker Sweeney-gk     10-2-95

19.   Michael Freeland              8-11-95    

20.   Zach Hays – gk                3-30-95    

21.   Dakota Darfler                10-7-95    

22.   Chris Mairson                 8-17-95

23.   Charlie Davenport             9-26-95

24.   Andrew Thomas Doughty         9-5-95     


In Italy – boys born 1-1-96 - red

1.    Zach Hays – gk                3-30-95    

2.    Dakota Darfler                10-7-95    

3.    Chris Mairson                 8-17-95

4.    Charlie Davenport             9-26-95

5.    Andrew Thomas Doughty         9-5-95

6.    Kolton Wayne Williams         4-25-95    

7.    Daaron Mcfarling              3-22-96

8.    Jonathan Otto                 9-18-96

9.    Kevin Walls             3-5-96           

10.   Chris Walls             3-5-96           

11.   Daniel Antoniou               4-17-96    

12.   Sebastian Winkler       2-21-96

13.   Jacob Logan Stewart           2-15-96

14.   Darren MaGuire                5-22-96          

15.   William Ellis Coyer –         8-30-96

16.   Jordan Alexander Cano         3-13-96

17.   Roman Genesis Cano            12-5-97    

18.   Donald Benedict Seyfried            2-11-98


In Italy – boys born 1-1-96 - blue

1.    Jeffrey Parker Sweeney-gk     10-2-95

2.    Michael Freeland              8-11-95    

3.    Brad Dweck              10-18-95         

4.    Jonathan Ridgely              11-14-95   

5.    Robert Hunter Harrison – gk   11-6-95

6.    Seth Fountain                 12-19-95

7.    Ivan Rodriguez                5-23-96

8.    Harrison Dewitt Caruthers           6-26-96

9.    Jackson Fountain              11-10-96

10.   Steven Gallagher              3-26-96

11.   Ben Farmer                    9-17-96

12.   Skylar Bayman                 2-9-98           

13.   Clayton Bantle                5-16-97

14.   Adam Witte              10-23-97   

15.   Connor Powers                 10-9-97    

16.   Christopher Bramhall          6-13-98

17.   Daniel Garcia     - gk        1-13-97

18.   Max Lopez               4-30-97          


In Italy – girls born 1-1-92

1.    Sydney Nicole Lawrence              5-6-95           

2.    Cynthia Nicole Sikes          5-27-95          

3.    Marissa Danelle Hughes        6-1-95           

4.    Alexandra Lynn Copp           11-9-93          

5.    Mackensie Lee Markes          12-2-94          

6.    Abigail DeLeyne Bailey        12-15-94   

7.    Kaitlin Renee Russ            6-20-94          

8.    Louise Stenstrom              1-27-94          

9.    Cecilia Markussen       5-18-94          

10.   Elise Christine Zimmerman     3-25-94          

11.   Kelly Jane Hendricks          7-23-94          


Not all players are at all games but we rotate many of them depending on schedule, how they are feeling, playing, etc.


Girls and Boys Red get to sleep in this am as they don't play until the afternoon but boys A and boys blue have 7:30 am breakfast and then  off to games. 


Boys A first and what a game vs. and Italian team. Played great and won 2-1 with goals from James, both of them.  Played a great 1st half but some of the  boys still not 100% acclimated as we still have cramping, etc.  Its hot here too!!! 


Rush off to the blue game and a war breaks out vs. a Spanish team.  Referees have been awful and I am being kind, and this game was no different. A controversial goal from a poor call led to a dispute amongst the coaches and the opponents allowed us to score an uncontested goal from the kickoff to tie the game. We basically started the game again. Final score was 2-1 them as they scored a late goal but we played pretty well and getting better. 


Rush back to hotel where the girls and red made us all sandwiches so we can eat, pick them up, and rush off to the afternoon games.


Boys  A up first again, and as luck would have it we played the same club from Spain that the  blue team just played.  I had the chance to  witness one of the best games in my life amongst youth teams.  Final score was 5-4 and what a game and what a team they had.  They scored first, up 1-0 but Matt P tied it as he chipped the gk, but we then  fell behind once again but Chris scored a diving header off a great cross to tie it 2-2.  Just before half Matt P stole the ball again and curled in a far post shot to send us to half up 3-2.  Hot turf field and we are dead and still beat up with a few starters still out.  2nd half saw a barrage from the Spaniards as they quickly tied it and then went up 4-3.  We did not give up and Eddie scored on a free kick to tie the  game and then Eddie scored as regulation time came to an end to go up 5-4.  We held on for the 4 minutes of extra time to win a memorable game.  This one the boys will not forget for many many years and neither will I. 


We have  to  rush off to pick up  the  girls as they had a game the  same time and then pick  up the boys Red for their 5 pm game.  The girls lost 2-0 vs. a Canadian team as they  had to play with 10 men but they were upbeat and felt they should  have  won the game.  High spirits and they played better and are starting to put  it  together. 


The boys Red take on a team from Venezuela also on turf and were robbed of the full 3 points as they had the superior team but tied 0-0.  Goals mysteriously called back, hideous off sides calls, etc, are all frustrating the players but we have to move on. 


We head back to the hotel for dinner and then off to the  beach for active recovery  in the sea with saltwater.  Kids were a bit reluctant but we had to demand they get out finally.  A good time. 


Calls/texts/facebook messages home etc are all on tap tonight as we finally had  time to chill  out, if only for  an hour.  Kids had some troubles  with the wifi here, as do I but we are trying. I think  we found an internet cafe but we will try tomorrow. 


I will update you on San Marino as well as its a beautiful city and surrounding areas.  Time for bed as we are dead, including me, these emotional games are killing me.



Girls - Elise Zimmerman

Boys 92 - game 1 - Nick Lopez

             game 2 -  James Mairson

Boys Red - Andrew Doughty

Boys Blue - Parker Sweeney





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