2011 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Travel Day for Everone!
Late Night Jog on an Italian Beach!...What a life our kids have!

Sightseeing, pictures and training sessions today.Games start tomorrow.



2011 Classic Trip Journal


04 July 2011

Dear SnS famies, day one in the books and although a long travel day we had a phenominal ending. Slight delay with arrivals put us back a few hours but we picked up all our European players and bussed to Remini. And no lost bags!  


Upon arrival dinner was served and good to be back in Italy as food was awesome. Pasta dish first then meat n fries n desert. Great start.


After dinner n some organization it was off to the beach for a late night run. We always sweat out our trips n a good 30 minute workout did just that. Beach was awesome n kids are over the moon with excitement. Who else can say they jogged in Italy on the beach at 11:30 at night.


Kids are excited and phones are all in my room as we prepare to play our games tomorrow. Wish us luck. 


Ciao, Ed

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