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2010 Classic Trip Journal


25 July 2010

Last journal entry and this one will be tough.  Long day as I am still in Sweden and missing my SnS kids like crazy, and to top it off, it rained the entire day, grey and rainy and alone after 3 weeks of questions, count offs, passport checks, sit ups, games, training, more questions, and singing.  It is so quiet now, not sure what to do. All have arrived home safel, from Alaska, to Dallas, to Shreveport, to Kentucky, to Ohio, what a group.  


Lots of sleep on the horizon for most and for some, still wide awake from all of the excitement and stories that I am sure will come out.  Give them all a good meal, lots of water, and a good hug as most need all and not in that order.


Some end of tour awards handed out, kids can explain to you;


Player of Germany -

Girls - Carolyn Cox,   

Boys C - Austin Baechle,        

Boys B - Austin Juniet


Player of Dana Cup -

Girls - Anna Tomotaki,

Boys C - Kyle Bennett,      

Boys B - Eddie Puskarich


Player of Gothia Cup -

Girls - Becca Mackey,

Boys C - Austin Michaelis,     

Boys B - Zach Paul


Player of Tour -

Girls - Julia Rivers,      

Boys C - Trey Pujats,       

Boys B - Chris Haberer


John Koutoupis Award -

Girls - Kenne Kessler   

Boys C - Jonathan Otto 

Boys B - Tino Badjan


Coach Lennart Award - Jonathan Otto


Golden Boot Award -

Boys - Trey Pujats 

Girls - Sydnie Dolzine


Fabulous tour and for all of my old SnS players who have followed this tour, you would be proud of these kids and thanks for following us.  Facebook (Click Now) has now caught up to Stars n Stripes and lets post some good pics and such.  Easy to get to from any SnS page: www.starsnstripessoccer.com  


Special thanks to Tony Guerry for posting my journal every day, even when I was late, thanks Tony and finally a special thanks to my 42 players and staff coaches.  


I find myself chuckling out loud during the day as I reflect on a funny memory, or a special event, such our sing a long in Denmark, or the chanting the last night from the amusement park, or the kids winning with slots on the ferry, or the 2 finals we played in in Dana Cup, or the opening ceremonies in Gothia Cup, or tossing Emily so  high in the air, well lets leave that one alone, or the smell in the boys C room in Dana, it has to still be there, or some of the boys C burning pizzas in their hotel in Sweden, not once but twice, or the girls beating last years Gothia Cup champions, or the lake in Germany, or the kids at the Berlin Wall and the Checkpoint Charlie museum in Berlin, or the simple times of when we just sat and talked about life and football.


What a great tour and what a great experience we all had.  Just wait for the video, although most of the memories are only in our hearts and minds but they are there and hopefully they will rise to the surface on many occasions. These kids were fabulous and no one wanted to leave and that is one of the reasons why it is so empty here right now, we have to move on from our wonderful fantasy land to the real world but be safe in knowing that we can always go back in our minds and recollect one of those moments that we cherish, each of us has our own memory or 12 and that will have to do.  


I thank each and every one of you for providing an old man another chance to be young, as I played through you in these cups and experienced what you did, just in a different way, but a most appreciative way.  Thanks to all of the nicknames as well, how can we forget Rain man, flounder, coxxy, beckster, kgb, waka waka, tigger, beaver, blonde, corn flake, woody, nova, double d, gummy, zio, greek, louie, watch out for that pole, puppy chow, and so many more.  Chants of Diego, Diego, Diego, and of course Burroooooooooo, so funny, laughing out loud as I write this.


Well time to end this saga, this small chapter of the last 3 weeks but before I go, one more time on my soap box.  Many of you players doubted yourself on this tour at some point and each of you achieved so much that I hope you always remember what you can accomplish when you set to your mind to it.


Please count off one more time and I hope you have washed that smell out of your clothes or at least thrown them away.


I wish you all the very best, I wish you all can get some rest

I hope you have enjoyed the tour, I know I've enjoyed you when you score

I love you all, both big and small, I'll be right here, just dial and call

I'll be there if you need a friend, I'll be there till the fight must end


I thank you for your time and fun, you are my girls and all my sons

now go away and look straight up, achieve your goals and win your cup

I miss you guys I am so sad, this tour is over and that is bad

but go to sleep and make some dreams, you are always on my stars n stripes teams


Ciao  Ed


End of Tour Awards

Girls - Player of Germany

Boys B - Player of Germany

Boys C - Player of Germany


Girls - Player of Dana Cup

Boys B - Player of Dana Cup

Boys C - Player of Dana Cup


Girls - Player of Gothia Cup

Boys B - Player of Gothia Cup

Boys C - Player of Gothia Cup


Girls - Player of The Tour

Boys B - Player of The Tour

Boys C - Player of The Tour


Girls - John Koutoupis Award

Boys B - John Koutoupis Award

Boys C - John Koutoupis Award


Girls - Golden Boot

Boys - Golden Boot

Coach Lennart Award




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