2010 Classic
Trip Journal

Great End To A Great Tour!

Boys C make it to the Quarter Finals.



2010 Classic Trip Journal


23 July 2010

Friday at Gothia cup, a day that all teams strive to play on and only our Boys C play today.  They have an early game so 7 am breakfast 

and we play against a German team. Team comes together and hits on all cylinders and win 4-0 with 2 goals from Kyle and goals from Trey and Austin Michaelis. Trey takes the lead for the golden boot with 11 goals on tour, pushing Eddie to 2nd and Kyle is a close 3rd with 9.  A great finish in store.  Boys play great and win most of the 50/50 balls and we are all thrilled with their success. 


Time to relax and play some soccer drills, surf for prizes, and get more ice cream.   Quarterfinal game now at 1 pm and boys have a tough time getting pumped for game as they are exhausted.  We have a hard time getting going and lose 1-0 so now all 3 teams are out.  Great accomplishment with Boys C playing on Friday as not too many teams play in Gothia Cup on Friday. 


Kids now relax, see some games, shop a little, take a nap, or just clean their rooms.  Gothia Cup finals and Semi finals on tap for our kids and once again weather is fantastic, about 85 degrees and sunny.  10:30  curfew as we prepare for our last full day in Europe, kids starting to figure out tour is ending and some sad faces around, it will be tough to end this tour.



Boys C game 1 - Clayton Bantle

Boys C game 2 - Austin Baechle

Finals on tap for Saturday and some packing, as well as the amusement park, so another full day

Ciao Ed


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Boys C Game 1

Boys C Game 2


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