2010 Classic
Trip Journal

Only 3 Days To Go....

Good day today for the teams.



2010 Classic Trip Journal


22 July 2010

Big day today as all 3 teams face elimination in the advancement of the cups, Girls in the A bracket and both boys in the B bracket.


Girls play first and start off flat, they forgot about the hard work they had to do yesterday to win the game.  We are not as sharp and not as passionate as we need to be and sure enough, a late goal is our death and we are out. Too bad as we are most certainly the better team.  I feel bad for the girls as they are crushed.  


Boys C are next and play a team from Lebanon and play great, they are really playing well right now.  Trey scored a great goal and we manage the game quite well and win 1-0.  


Boys B are next and rip apart a Danish team 6-0, goals from Eddie, Austin Juniet-3, Austin Michaelis, and Trey Pujats pave the way.  


All have lunch and relax for the boys 2nd game at 7:45 pm and the boys B look tired and lose 4-1.  Andy Garcia scored the lone goal and we were just average against an average team and therefore their cup is now over.  


Boys C keep rolling along as they are quickly becoming the darlings of the Gothia Cup, winning again 2-1 with goals from Austin Michaelis and Trey Pujats.  


Some have ice cream tonight but now all are cleaning their rooms and trying to organize their rooms, again, and hopefully trying to get that smell out. Sorry moms, but you might have some nasty clothes when we come home, we are trying to keep them clean, but you know how it is sometimes, well most of the time with the boys as my girls are quite clean and their smell is bearable. Some kids are washing in the hotel as we have machines here and some are still doing Woolite, so at least they are trying.  


Beautiful sunset tonight and another great day so hopefully more of the same tomorrow. Just had our nightly meeting and some of the kids are sad as they see the end of tour in sight, but we have a lot more to do yet.



Girls - Kenne Kessler

Boys C game 1 - Trey Pujats

Boys C game 2 - Austin Michaelis

Boys B game 1 - Andy Garcia

Boys B game 2 - Trevor Woodward


Ciao Ed

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Boys B Game 1

Boys B Game 2

Boys C Game 1

Boys C Game 2


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