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2010 Classic Trip Journal


21 July 2010

Sorry to be so short last night, but a long day and was just too tired to type. Great day again today, about 80 degrees and sunny, perfect football weather.  


Details about our hotel first as the kids are in heaven.  4 to a room and these are corporate apartment like hotel rooms, kitchens, fridge, etc, and great meals.  Kids stocked up on food supplies and you will be glad to know that still not junk food or junky snacks.  We allow ice cream on occasion and they respond well to our eating guidelines.  Some like to get by without and vegetables or greens, but eventually they force it down,  food has been great.  Hotel staff loves our politeness and discipline and that is why we are welcome back here year after year.  Location is right next to Central Station which is a major plus. 


Girls have early game, 7 am breakfast and quick departure. They play 2009 Gothia Cup winners from Sweden and play a monster game. Win 2-0 with goals from Carolyn and Miranda and what a performance, best on tour.


Boys C have chance to win group but after giving up a goal in the first 25 seconds, they fight uphill and lose 2-1 as Seth scored our goal.  


We now walk, as we have done since July 8 and our legs are so strong now, to Kviberg to eat lunch, take a team nap under a shade tree and relax until the Boys B game.  


Boys B has been average in Gothia so far but woke up today and played an extremely physical game with horrible refereeing.  Once again we tie 0-0 but so happy with passion and desire, welcome to the cup boys.  


Unfortunately both boys teams take 3rd place and advance to consolation B bracket with C's playing again tonight.  We win again 1-0 as Kyle scored the goal and smiles all around.  


All kids together from Boys B game until dinner as we have not been together all week due to our schedules,  another great meal, nightly group meeting and now they clean their rooms before 10 pm curfew.  


I do have some bad news to report though as we had a chat about tour and unanimously the kids all want to stay in Europe one more week and play one more cup, so please send more money, a lot!!!  No one is homesick, probably because they are too busy to miss anyone and all are healthy and smiling, makes me smile.  Great to see the kids learn the tram and bus system as it is so easy to get around.


Another big day tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed.



girls - Julia Rivers

boys C - game 1 - Austin Michaelis

boys C - game 2 - Carson Reimer

boys B - Brett Becker


Ciao - Ed

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