2010 Classic
Trip Journal

First Full Day in Denmark

Lots of games to be played by all 3 teams.



2010 Classic Trip Journal


20 July 2010

Was expecting a great today but kind of disappointing for me.  After last nights high from 52,000 in opening ceremony and kids passion, was ready for today but not the case.


Girls had an early game and tied 0-0. Played ok but not great.  Boys C had best gm of the day, tying 2-2 with goals from Kyle but we did have to be more aggressive which was tough. Boys B was tough as they once again tied a weaker team 0-0 and are physically and mentally beat up.


All 3 teams need some rest and will get it tonight Also, all 3 teams need to match physical challenges as we are not stepping up.


girls - Jaeden

boys c - Trent

boys b - Chris Haberer


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Boys B

Boys C


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