2010 Classic
Trip Journal

Opening Ceremonies...

1st Day at Gothia Cup...Wow!!! Opening Ceremonies did all of us some good.



2010 Classic Trip Journal


19 July 2010


This entry might be tough to follow as it is hard to type flying on cloud 9.  just returned from the opening ceremonies and in my 23 years of Gothia Cup, this was the best, absolutely unbelievable.  So lets see if you can follow.


Woke up at 9, all teams had breakfast, great to see refreshed faces and bodies with good nights sleep on real beds.  Kids really love this hotel and we love staying here, 5-6 years in a row now and its my Swedish home.  Staff know us well and really treat our kids great. Elevators are off limits, not surprised are you, so legs still getting strong.  


Coaches stayed up late last night and washed the uniforms, wow did they stink.  we leave at 10 to go see some games at Heden and do some match analysis.  Heden is the central hub of Gothia Cup, imagine a 12 acre complex in downtown Dallas or Chicago, etc, and hosting a soccer tournament, nice real estate.  


Girls leave from Heden and head to game by taking a train, about a 30 minute ride, and its lightly raining as well and cold, about 60 degrees and grey.  Girls win 3-0 and play a great 2nd half, goals fro Sydnie, Carolyn, and Anna led the way.  


Boys play at Kviberg, the old Swedish Army barracks, and walk several miles to get to fields, welcome to Gothia.  Boys C play first, go up 1-0 from a goal from Michael D, give up a soft goal, and they win it in the 2nd half off a goal from Trey.  final was 2-1. Directly on the next field, Boys B play and look very poor. Tired, sore, lack of focus, all related from a long week of games in Dana Cup, to be expected, but still not accepted. We tie 0-0 so no points lost but opponents were poor.  


Kids are sore, strained muscles, and mentally tired, but seeing the opening ceremonies tonight got their battery recharged. This was fantastic, as I always say, every soccer fan needs to see a World Cup and every youth soccer player needs to experience the Gothia Cup, 72 countries, 1500 teams, nothing like it.  2 hour long show with motivational themes, songs, chants, games, and so much fun and excitement, including fireworks. I taped most of it so you all can see this video when we return.  Warning, last several years videos run over 4 hours, welcome to Stars 'n Stripes.  Kids chant all night and continue on the streets walking back to hotel.  


They are in bed now, but no way are they sleeping. We as coaches are on top of the world as well and cannot wait to play tomorrow, oh to be 15 again and able to play in this event, we have to play through these kids, get ready as want to win tomorrow.  wish us luck


POD - Girls - Carolyn Cox

Boys C - Michael D

Boys B - Kevin German


Ciao  Ed

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