2010 Classic
Trip Journal

Tough Day for SNS Team.

Tough day for the SNS boys team but all have a great time anyways.



2010 Classic Trip Journal


17 July 2010


Woke up to driving rain storm this morning but sun came out and another georgeous day, our last day in Denmark. What a day for another final. We let kids sleep in for first time on tour and departed for breakfast at 9:30.  


Boys B walk around a little to stretch their legs then back to school to rest for final. Girls and boys C head to the beach. About 4 mile walk but since we walk everywhere already it was quite easy. We spend a couple of hours at the beach and have a ball.  Water is cold but clear and shallow and kids have a sand castle contest. We head back, ask kids about Ed pace and no gaps, for the boys B final.


The boys U-16 bracket is always one of the most popular and competitive age groups and usually the last final of the tournament. The Dana Cup was no different.  Place is packed and our boys C, girls, and Norwegian girls sing and chant the entire GM. 


Another slow start and once again we find ourselves down 1-0. We look nervous and don't keep the ball against the team from Norway and are down at halftime 1-0. After adjustments at half we play better and generate some attacks but another lapse leads to their 2nd goal and now we are down 2-0 just like our semi. That score must hit a nerve with the boys as they really put pressure on and with 10 minutes to go Eddie scores a goal and here we go again. We attack in waves and a goalmouth scramble ends with our shot heading in to the goal but it hits Tino and they clear. 2 minutes to go and we continue to attack when we are caught on a counter attack and they finish their chance and we lose 3-1. Boys are crushed but once again a great week.


So proud of all our kids. In honor of our great week we all dress up in shirts and ties for the boys and dresses and skirts for the girls.  They all look great and an Italian dinner awaits. Great food and company and then Diego starts playing the piano and a sing a long starts and lasts over 90 minutes. In my 24 years of tours this was one of the greatest nights we have had. Kids were great and all sang to all kinds of songs. Just wait for the video. So much fun and such a great group it is hard to find any faults. 


Back to school and they immediately get mobbed by kids still here from so many countries. All talking and sharing stories it's really cool. Late curfew as we have a ferry transfer to Sweden at 11:50. Thank you Denmark for a fabulous week!


POD Boys B - Zach Paul


Ciao Ed


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