2010 Classic
Trip Journal

Very Exciting Day for SNS Teams

You have to read the write-up to understand the emotion of the day!



2010 Classic Trip Journal


16 July 2010


July 16 Part 1


Will update with details tomorrow but highlights as follows; Boys C lose 2-0, out at semi final stage Boys B win 3-2 in world war 3 battle in OT then win semi 4-3 in another classic battle. Final Saturday at 4:15


Girls win semi 2-0 then play final and lose 3-0 but play very well.


Pod girls GM 1 - Anna

Final - Becca

Pod Boys C - Jonathan

Boys B - GM 1 - Tino

GM 2 - Eddie


All well n wish us luck in final



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Ed's detail write-up of the day is at the bottom of this page.


Player of the Day (POD)

Boys B Game 1

Boys B Game 2

Girls Game 1

Girls Game 2

Boys C Game




July 16 Part 2


Woke up to a fantastic day of sunshine and cool temps, what a great day for semis and finals.  Girls started us off by scaring us as they gave up a 1st half goal but rallied with goals from Anna and Sydnie to win 2-1 and now are in the finals. They are pumped. 


Boys C play at same time as the girls but different results as they lost 2-0 and played very tired.  The trip has taken a toll on the kids and the boys C showed it as they lacked passion and energy. Still, Semifinalists in B bracket and we are all proud of them. 


Both Boys C and Girls head to Boys B 1/4 final and you can hear the girls singing as they approach the field.  Boys B play against Columbia, same team from our group and WW3 was on.  What a game and what a crowd and atmosphere.  Field was lined with fans and supporters and Eddie put us up 1-0 early but Columbia scored two 1st half goals to take the lead at halftime.  2nd half was full of delays, referee issues, Coaches upset with players and refs, SnS missing PK, etc.  3 red cards later, all to Columbia, gave us more space and time on the ball and Tino scored with minutes left to tie the game. OT was next but nothing in 1st OT as scored remained 2-2.  2nd OT saw us push more players forward as we did not want to go to PKs and with only 3 minutes left, Tino once again scored and bedlum broke out. What a scene and we ended up winning the game 3-2.


Off to the Semis for the Boys B and the Finals for the Girls.  Girls go back to school and rest and nap while Boys B have to eat and turn around and play the Semi.  Semi saw us start off flat as we gave up a goal in only 30 seconds, following by another one 5 minutes and we could have been down even more if not for  the crossbar.  Boys were tired from the 1/4 final game and it showed but just before halftime Eddie scored and all of a sudden belief again was evident in the team.  2nd half was an onslaught and Eddie scored again 5 minutes in and Austin scored 4 minutes later to give us the lead 3-2 and of course the fans were going wild again, especially the Norwegian girls who have adopted our boys, go figure.  Game was now in hand, managing it quite well when a lapse gave our Norwegian opponents a late goal to end the game 3-3 in regulation.  OT again and not sure how much more we all can take.  1st OT was a stalemate and 2nd OT was more of the same when Eddie broke through and scored in the last minute as we win 4-3 and you guessed it, bedlum once again. 


A quick meal and then off to the girls final in the Stadium. Girls are nervous as we dress in stadium locker room, warm up on the stadium field and you can see their nervousness in the bodies.  Boys arrive in force and start their chanting and singing which raises our girls spirits.  We play against another USA team from California and they are very good.  3 first half goals put us in a whole but we actually play very well, just no luck and cannot score. 2nd half sees the girls put more pressure on them but time runs out as we lose the final 3-0.  Girls receive their medals and Dana Cup on the podium and we are thrilled at their success.


Being together less than 10 days, what a great accomplishment for not only them but all of the teams.  Back to school to relax and then us coaches take the kids to town for some ice cream.  We chat and have fun and really just unwind as kids are sore and tired.  As we return to school, lots of other players in the courtyard playing with a ball or simply chatting and our kids join right in until 10:45. Perfect ending to a great day for SnS. 


Saturday is our last day in Denmark and another final for us as we prepare to once again rock the Dana Cup. Wish us luck

POD - Girls game 1 - Anna
Girls game 2 - Becca
POD - Boys C - Jonathan
POD - Boys B game 1 - Tino
Boys B game 2 - Eddie

Ciao Ed

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