2010 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Day at Dana Cup.

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2010 Classic Trip Journal


15 July 2010


Weather was crazy today, hot and cold, rain and shine, but SnS kept consistent as we continue to impress on the field. 


Boys C rebounded from a poor showing yesterday and won their first knockout game 2-1 with goals from Michael and Trey.  Boys played very well and had a players only meeting last night and apparently it paid off.


Girls had a quarterfinal game on one of the showcase fields and won 1-0 with a goal from Sydnie but they dominated and did not finish chances. That made the last few minutes interesting, but would you expect anything else from my girls. 


Boys C again next as they played in their quarterfinal game and won again, 2-0 with goals from Austin Michaelis and Kyle.  Boys now play in semis on friday am and the girls also play semis on friday am. 


Boys B enjoyed a rare day off which was good as we had to mend our wounds and injuries. They are focused for their quarterfinal game Friday am as well. 


It is hard to describe the atmosphere our kids create for each other as they support all of the SnS teams. They chant and sing and make noise unlike any other American kids.  We have our own SnS song but they also have their own chants and noise makers including air horns and all of the teams really enjoy their singing. When was the last time you heard that from American kids. I have tried to tape as much as I can for all to see when we get home so hopefully it will be good viewing. 


We have some time later today to clean our rooms and this takes on a whole new task.  You see, us coaches are staying in the kids rooms, Lennart in the Boys B room, Diego and Mario in the Boys C room, and me with new roommates, the girls.  I can tell you that personally, it is like a slumber party and way too funny.  The Boys C are probably the most challenging, just ask Mario and Diego when you have time.  Great kids though and we are all having a ball. 


Food has been very good as well and so far no issues outside of the Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish girls requesting that our boys attend the Disco, which is off limits.  I am such a tough coach. These girls even try to bribe us coaches by offering us ice cream but we are strong, NO Disco for our kids, but they make their own disco in our school with music and such with all of the teams including the Columbian team. It is a really cool experience. Kids in the courtyard juggling together, playing soccer together, talking together, all from different nationalities including Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, India, Germany, etc.  What an experience for all.

Wish us luck tomorrow, big day for SnS

POD - boys C game 1 - Michael D
boys C game 2 - Austin M
Girls - Jaeden Chew
Boys B - no POD today

Ciao  Ed

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Boys C - Game 1



Boys C - Game 2


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