2010 Classic
Trip Journal

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5 games, 5 wins, 5 shutouts !!!! 30 goals scored, 0 goals against. Never before done! WOW!!



2010 Classic Trip Journal


13 July 2010


It will be tough to find any day in our history that matches this day for Stars n Stripes. 5 games, 5 wins, 5 shutouts, 30 goals scored and 0 goals against. All 3 teams played great and are riding a wave of confidence and enjoyment. Pretty cool to watch.


Boys C first, won 5-0, goals from Austin Michaelis, Kyle Bennett, Seth Fountain, Michael D'annunzio, and Trey Pujats.


Boys B next, won 6-0, Eddie Puskarich(3), Zach Paul(2), and Henry Hilla.


Girls- won 3-0, Abby Hickox, Sydnie Dolzine, Marissa Croniser.


Boys C again, won 12-0, Seth(5), Kyle(3), Austin, Daniel Antoniou, Trey(2).


Boys B with 10 men after horrible red card in 5th minute, Austin Juniet(3), Eddie, and Andy Garcia.


Let's not forget my 3 GKs for shutouts, Carson Reimer, Jaeden Chew, and Brett Becker.


What a day and although it rained most of the day we never felt a drop. Let's see what tomorrow brings.


POD - boys C - 1st GM Kyle Bennett

2nd GM - Seth Fountain

POD - girls - Sydnie Dolzine

POD - boys B - 1st GM - Eddie Puskarich

2nd GM - Austin Juniet


Ciao Ed


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