2010 Classic
Trip Journal

Early Morning Training Sessions........Ahhhhh !!!

We will see how long the kids can keep getting up early for our training sessions!!!



2010 Classic Trip Journal


09 July 2010

Weather here has been hot n today was no exception. 95-97 degrees n not much breeze. Kids working hard.  6:30 am for breakfast club n all kids show up. Good sign. After breakfast more training until 12:00 then lunch. Food here has been awesome too.


Boys B start us off by playing the top team in area n 4th rated in Germany. Let's rock n although we had a great start n missed 2 breakaways we got hammered as we lost 9-0. That's right 9-0. Ouch. Half was 2-0 but we learned a ton n we will improve. After GM all go to lake and rest n relax in water. 

Just what we needed. Another great dinner n our 4th session today was a chalk talk as we hit match analisis n broke down the GM. Some kids called or texted hm but most were too busy. We will hit Internet cafes hard tommorrow.


Tradition each year has one player each GM or session get player of the GM (pod) n that player gets recognized with a jersey to wear for the day. Trey Pujats was 1st POD today for boys B, Seth Fountain for boys C and Jilia Rivers for girls.  Another long day tomorrow so 10:30 curfew. Girls play tomorrow so wish us luck Ed.


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