2009 Classic
Trip Journal

Great End To A Great Tour!

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2009 Classic Trip Journal


23 July 2009

What a way to end our tour as our girls won the finals 3-0 as Latoya scored 2 goals and Cristelle Tejes scored 1 goal. Great atmosphere as the boys chanted the entire game. Congrats to the girls as they went the entire cup undefeated.


Boys B lost in their bid to reach the finals as they lost 3-0. Also a great run but our legs just gave out.

Boys C lost their last Gm 2-1 as Chris scored a great goal and we were heading to pk's when we gave up a late goal.


After the games it is back to the beach in the rain of course and then time to pack and clean up our rooms and boy are they messy. End of tour brings more tears as we say goodbye to our Danish and Swedish friends. Always tough. We have had a great tour and tough to end it.


Speaking of endings it is now time for our end of tour awards;

Czech Rep players -

Girls. Cristelle Tejes
Boys B Chandler
Boys C. Turner

Gothia Cup players -

Girls. Kaitlin
Boys B. Kyle
Boys C. Phillip

Cup Denmark players -

Girls. Latoya
Boys B. Eddie
Boys C. Adam

Player of the Tour -

Girls. Anna
Boys B. Emmet
Boys C. Hutt

John Koutoupis award -

Girls. Sarah
Boys B. Collin
Boys C. Seth

Golden Boot -

Girls. Latoya
Boys. Emmet

Most Improved -


Lennart award -



We have a 3:30 bus departure so long day coming up. Eddie and Emmet
return to Sweden for 9 days to train with a few professional teams so
we wish them all the best.


I just found out that the cup Denmark has a site with pictures and
videos from the week.


Check it out http://www.ishoj.dk/Default.aspx?ID=1186


Kids are excited to see everyone and get some clean clothes. We had a
great tour and just wait for the video.



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End of Tour Awards

Girls - Czech Republic

Boys B - Czech Republic

Boys C - Czech Republic


Girls - Gothia Cup

Boys B - Gothia Cup

Boys C - Gothia Cup


Girls - Cup Denmark

Boys B - Cup Denmark

Boys C - Cup Denmark



Girls - Player of The Tour

Boys B - Player of The Tour

Boys C - Player of The Tour


Girls - John Koutoupis Award

Boys B - John Koutoupis Award

Boys C - John Koutoupis Award


Girls - Golden Boot

Boys - Golden Boot

Most Improved

Lennart Award


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