2009 Classic
Trip Journal

First Full Day in Denmark

Lots of games to be played by all 3 teams.



2009 Classic Trip Journal


20 July 2009

First full day in Denmark and what a day. 6 games on tap as well as rain and a cold rain at that.

Boys B played first and destroyed a brazilian team 5-0. 3 goals from emmet and 2 from Phillip led the way.


Girls next as they won 4-0 and are rocking. Anna scored a great goal to lead the way.


Boys C did not play well and lost 3-0. I think they are nervous to start a new cup. Boys B played 2nd Gm and one of the best games on tour but we lost
3-2. But what a great Gm. Girls and boys C both played at same time with completely different results.


Boys C played Luton Town, an English professional club and lost 7-0 but what a great experience to play that type of quality.


Girls hammered their opponent 10-0 and are playing fantastic.


Won 4 games and lost 2. Good first day. Rain came down like crazy during our last Gm and cost us a beach excursion but we will try again tomorrow.

We came back to some bad news as the boys C had some theft. A few
dollars and some I-touches were only items taken so we are okay. Some
lessons learned about security. Kids went to disco tonight and had
some fun time.


Girls - Anastasyia
Girls Gm 2 - Sarah

Boys B- emmet
Boys B - Gm 2 - Eddie

Boys C - Riley C
Boys C - Gm 2 - chris N


Wish us luck tomorrow.



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