2009 Classic
Trip Journal

Tough Day for SNS Teams.

Tough day for the SNS teams but all have a great time anyways..



2009 Classic Trip Journal


17 July 2009


After Thursday and the longest day on tour, Friday started at the crack of dawn with the Boys B playing at 8 am. We dominate a Swedish team and score early as Emmet scored a nice goal.  a few goal posts later and huge advantage in possession, it was only a matter of time before we manage the game and move on to the next round, but that would be way too easy for Stars n Stripes, we give up a really bad goal late and now we go to penalty kicks, where anyone wins, and usually it is not Stars n Stripes.  Today was no different as we lose in pks.

Collin - score
sweden - score
emmet - miss
sweden - score
adam - score
sweden - score
grant - miss
sweden - miss
chandler - score
sweden - score  - we lose

Girls play at 10 am so finally the boys can watch the girls play. They play a quarter final game vs. a team from sweden and give up an early goal and are down 1-0 but the boys want ice cream and they cant get any unless they cheer and support and provide energy for the girls which they do and cheer and chant the entire game, it works as the girls score 2 goals, the game winner with a minute to go and we win 2-1. 

Boys are done know and after a long week they can finally wind down and relax with some free time. girls have a semi final at 6 pm so they are off to rest.

Girls play a tough scottish team in the semis and go down 2-0 before fighting back with a goal but they tank is too empty and we lose 3-1 but a great run for the all SnS teams. for the first time they can wear non SnS gear and use the elevator and be a kid.  another meal and tomorrow brings finals and the amusement park, so a fun and relaxing day.

POD - Girls game 1 - Sandra (swedish girl)
Girls game 2 - Tejes

POD - boys B game - Emmet







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Sandra (Swedish Girl)

Girls Game 1

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