2009 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Day at the Gothia Cup

Read how the day went as the SNS teams make their way through the Gothia Cup tournament.



2009 Classic Trip Journal


15 July 2009


A very long day today but a good day. Boys C had an early Game n had a tough break as they lost 2-1. Phillip scored and we had an equalizer called back in the closing minutes.


Boys B had an interesting morning as all 4 teams were close in points. We played an awful Gm n lost 2-0 and the boys are upset with themselves.


Girls played great and won 2-0 with goals from Anna and Latoya. Girls are really playing well. Boys B had 1st playoff Gm n beat a team from brazil 1-0 as they played better and Chris Nantaphak scored the game winner. And to top it off our girls finished the night with a 3-0 smashing of a Norwegian team.

All 3 teams have long days tomorrow as more playoff games on the

POD - girls Gm 1 - Latoya
POD - girls Gm 2- Alex
Boys B - Gm 1 - Mike

Gm 2- Grant
Boys C - Phillip


Big day tomorrow. Wish us luck



Player of the Day (POD)

Girls - Game 1

Girls - Game 2

Boys B - Game 1


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