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Some very tough games today...



2009 Classic Trip Journal


14 July 2009


After a great opening ceremonies last night, kids were very excited about games today and as you will read, we had some tough results but played our best soccer on tour.

Girls started us off as they played an excellent Norwegian team but lost 4-0.  Score does not reflect the quality of the game. 

Boys C played next and their improvement was very impressive. their organization and calmness on the ball were so improved but they too lost 2-0 but a game that they could have easily won with a few breaks. speaking of breaks, boys B once again were on the short end as they lost 2-1 but played most of the 2nd half with 10 men due to an unfortunate red card and once again gave up a penalty kick. even after being down a man and down 2-0, they outplayed their opponent and scored late and were unlucky not to get a tie in the closing seconds. 

I lifted the junk food ban, a little at least, and allowed the kids to have some ice cream or a candy bar, you would have thought it was Xmas morning but we are having a ball.  After our games, all 3 teams had to do match analysis of a high level game at Heden and their results were great.  now we are teaching them to look at the games with a different perspective.

Big day tomorrow and most of us will play 2 games so we need to be well rested.


POD - girls - Alexa and Sandra (Swedish girl)
POD - boys B - Chandler
POD - boys C - Seth



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Sandra (Swedish Girl)


Boys B

Boys C



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