2009 Classic
Trip Journal

Early Morning Training Sessions........Ahhhhh !!!

We will see how long the kids can keep getting up early for our training sessions!!!



2009 Classic Trip Journal


09 July 2009

1:45pm Dallas Time


2nd day on tour and it was great. 6:30 am breakfast club, 8 am breakfast, 10.30 training, 1 pm city trip for lunch n sightseeing, 4 pm training, 7 pm dinner n now kids r relaxing. 9 pm curfew tonight as they r tired but that is why we r here. Food is great n so r sit ups.

Handed Zach 2000 for missing 2 names n he is only one so far but that will change. Player of the day is a tradition at sns n it goes to the player who has a great Gm or training session.

July 9 -

pod girls - Latoya
Pod boys b - chandler

Pod for boys c - Phillip

July 10 1st session

pod girls - Laura
Pod boys b - collin.

Pod boys c - Riley Cauley

July 10 2nd session -

pod girls - Sarah
Pod boys b - mike.

Pod boys c - turner


More tomorrow.

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