2009 Classic
Trip Journal

Long Travel Day for Everone!



2009 Classic Trip Journal


08 July 2009

5:24am Dallas Time


Just arrived in Frankfurt, Germany. On the way to Prague. All kids OK. No luggage issues at all. A few sit ups. Will recap the day later.




5:37pm Dallas Time


Well first day on tour is complete. Kids in bed sleeping and what a long
day. First of all welcome to all friends and families of our players and
also to our hundreds of past players still following our tours.

Flights and transfers were flawless and no bags lost. Trip to Dallas was
great. Ticketing and passport control no problem. Getting to gate no
problem and then reality hits. Kids had time to get a sandwich, change
money, call home, etc as long as they returned by 3:20. Girls no issues.
All hung together no problem. Then comes my boys. Late. Almost all of
them so 200 situps it is but it doesn't stop there. 2 of my boys still missing and we are boarding. Any guesses yet? Seth and Phillip if you are keeping track. 13 minutes late = 1300 sit ups.


In Paris, transfer to Frankfort, and finally arrive. Tons of traffic and a few accidents put us behind but some weinerschneitzel n pommes frites at rest area suits us just fine.


Arrive in Czech Republic for first and what a country. Beautiful scenery but cold. About 50 degrees and misty. We check in and eat a great meal, some kids learn about eating all food on plate but fantastic food. Training at 9:30 at night was great way to cap off night. Breakfast club at 6 am tomorrow so off to bed.


Bye for now. Ciao.



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