2008 Classic
Trip Journal

Cold Rainy Day at Gothia Cup but the Girls Win Again!

Way to go Girls! Good Luck in the Quarter Finals.



2008 Classic Trip Journal


18 July 2008


Rain started off our day and a lot of it. Hate this cold and rainy stuff as it means sniffles, sore throats, etc, and guess who has a sore throat now, yes yours truly. Kids are okay, at least for now.


Girls play another playoff game this morning and play in the rain, dominated play but did not finish chances so the other team stayed in the game. We go up 1-0 on a penalty from Beanie and then allow the Swedish team to tie us. Then we go up 2-1 on a goal from Cherica and once again we allow the team to tie, this time with less than 2 minutes remaining, however, right from the kickoff, we go down the field and Gabby crosses to Bam Bam and we score, up 3-2 and we win the game! Boys go crazy once again so now we are in the Quarter finals. Should be a blast. 


Girls go back to hotel to rest while boys go to Heden for match analysis.  Some great games to watch and this is another avenue to learn the game. The atmosphere is fantastic and we are right at the action and especially during the Brazil game where I have film of our boys hanging from the trees, sitting on the fences, or sitting on crossbars a field away.


Tour is heading towards the end and sad for most as we have really had a great time.  Lets see if I have to reinforce my SnS rules these last few days, my guess is YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!


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