2008 Classic
Trip Journal

Very Good Day for SNS Teams

Exciting day today as the SNS teams win 3 out of 4 games and now all teams will play single elimination starting tomorrow.



2008 Classic Trip Journal


16 July 2008


Long day today in Gothenburg as we had a lot of rain and quite cold weather. we started off in the sunshine but quickly faded as temps dropped to low 60s, ouch!!!!!!!!!!

After breakfast, Boys A and B left for Boys A game.  Big game for Boys A as they have to win to advance into the A finals. We played a very  tough Swedish team and were down 1-0 on a sloppy goal before we woke up and took a 2-1 lead on goals from Emmet and Will.  However, right after we took the lead, some sloppy play lead to a PK and now tied 2-2.  We pressed and pressed and Emmet scored 2 goals in 2 minutes to put the game away, final score 4-2.  POD was Kyle.

Boys B game was next at a different complex so back on the train in the rain we go and once again we started off great but gave another sloppy goal and never recovered losing 2-0.  We just have to keep working hard and the ball will start bouncing right for us.  POD - Tanner

Girls were next with another huge game as they need to win to win the group and get a better draw in the final.  Girls played another Swedish team and were down 1-0 for most of the game before we woke up and tied it in the 2nd half. Then with literally only seconds left, Markie steam rolled through defenders and put the game winner away, followed by the final whistle. Goals scored by Markie.  POD - Markie

So off to the A finals for the Boys A and Girls teams and the B final for the Boys B. 


Boys A have to play right away on the same day and we play an English team and play our best game in Gothia as we seem to have our mo jo back from the Dana Cup. We dominate the Brits and win 3-0 with goals from Junior, Eddie, and Emmet.  All 3 were great and a great crowd on hand.  POD - Junior

Finally we return for yet another great dinner and kids have a 10 pm curfew as we have another long day tomorrow.  All teams play single elimination games and we are healthy and a little refreshed now so we should be okay for the playoffs. 


Wish us luck.

More tomorrow,


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