2008 Classic
Trip Journal

Gothia Cup Begins with games and Opening Ceremonies

Lots to do today.



2008 Classic Trip Journal


14 July 2008


First full day at Gothia Cup and a bit of a roller coaster. Kids are in heaven with real beds, private showers, great food again, etc, and I think some of them stayed in bed too long. Not the coaches though as we washed their uniforms until 2:45 am. That is dedication. 


After breakfast Boys A headed up to their first game and some must have stayed in Denmark as they were lackluster and  lost 2-0. Very tired and sore still from the last week, but no excuse. Now we have to fight an uphill battle to qualify for winners bracket, but they can still do it. POD was Michael Ramirez.

Boys B were next and played at a quaint little stadium south of the center vs a Swedish team and although they played quite well at times, they lost 1-0 on a late goal.  Just could not finish and once again were punished for some silly mistakes. Guess they are still young.  POD was Eddie.

Girls were next and they were showcased at one of the Heden fields which is the center of the tournament and they played a great Swedish team but came out winners as they won 2-1 in front of a great crowd. Gabby and Markie scored the goals and POD was Bam Bam as she was a stud today.

After some walking around the tents and seeing some sights all went back to hotel to rest, boys napped, go figure. After dinner it was off to opening ceremonies and Wow what a show. You will hear this from me a lot so here it goes again.  The World Cup is something that should be witnessed by every soccer fan and the Gothia Cup is something that every soccer player should participate in. 52,000 fans for a youth tournament and Wow it is great. Wait for the video. Kids are on a high, arrived back at 10:30pm and curfew at 11pm so not much time to call home or clean up as we have another big day tomorrow that starts off with match analysis.


Wish us luck tomorrow and I am expecting some great performances from SnS.

More tomorrow,




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